okko design and Niina Hiltunen collaboration

From autumn 2018 onwards Marja-Liisa Okko’s design company okko design represents and sells Niina Hiltunen’s acoustic art textiles in Scandinavia; Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The collaboration started when Okko was intrigued by Hiltunen’s three dimensional art textiles at Habitare Fair in Helsinki.

Okko is an international interior company based in Stockholm, Sweden, and they specialize in acoustic solutions that fuse form and function. Their assignments vary from interiors of private homes to creating innovative acoustic solutions in public places such as museums, auditoriums, restaurants, libraries etc. You will find work by Okko in the large exhibition hall at the Architect and Design Centre in Stockholm, at the impressive hall of The National Property Board of Sweden, at the childrens’ library Sello in Helsinki, at the Sekundarschule Holbein in Basel, in a conference room at the Linked In office in Stockholm and many more. Niina Hiltunen’s bespoke three dimensional acoustic art textiles supplement the product catalog of Okko, and offer outstanding possibilities due to their variability and made-to-order character.

Visit the showroom of Okko and admire the art textiles of Niina Hiltunen at Sturegatan 16, tr. 2, 114 36 Stockholm, Sweden!

Akustoiva taidetekstiili, Hehku