Press: Vanamopolku pillow in Taito Craft Magazine 6 / 2020

vanamopolku5_taitolehti_6_2020-kuvaSonjaKarlssonNiina Hiltunen / LuovaKudonta™ designed for rigid heddle looms DIY instructions for a woollen pillow called Vanamopolku. The DIY instructions are were published in Taito Craft Magazine, issue 6 / 2020.

Vanamopolku pillow marks beautifully opposites: pink and greenish tones woven in two different thicknesses. The pink lines depict the subtle twinflowers on a forestry green moss. Woven with a rigid heddle loom by using two different thicknesses of a yarn and then fulled in a tumble dryer the surface of the fabric becomes three-dimensional creating a resemblance of a forestry sceenery. Have a sneak peak of the issue and DIY instructions! Vanamopolku DIY instructions are available in Taito Craft Magazine 6 / 2020.

Image: Sonja Karlsson, Taito Craft Magazine