Niina Hiltunen Valokeilassa: Online Article in Taito Craft Magazine


Taito Craft Magazine published an online article on Niina Hiltunen’s work as a textile artist and designer. In her own works Hiltunen is mainly inspired by architecture. Among other things she designs DIY instructions for hobby weavers when not teaching weaving or working on her art weaves.

Read the online article on Taito Craft Magazine’s web page (in Finnish).

In 2020 Hiltunen designed two interior textiles for Taito Craft Magazine: Auringonsäteet spa textiles DIY weave in issue 2/2020 and Vanamopolku woollen pillow case DIY weave in issue 6/2020.


Read more about Niina Hiltunen’s work among LuovaKudonta™ / WeaveCreatively™ concept and Ashford Wheels and Looms at: