Jewels throws collection


Only the finest and warmest natural fibres are good enough for these throws. Thanks to the structure the surface shines like a jewel and the colours glow making the throw an astonishing piece of your interior. All Jewels throws are light weight, but they keep you warm while reading a book on sofa, taking a nap or having a great time with your friends or family on the balcony or at terrace. The materials contain no lanolin, making the throw anti-tickle and suitable also for those with wool allergy.


All throws of the Jewels throws collection are timeless in design and completely handcrafted and hand woven from start to finish, which makes each throw a truly unique, high-quality product. Throws are available in limited edition of ten pieces only and each throw is labelled by a small and numbered hand print.


The Jewels throws collection includes four different colours: an emerald green SMARAGDI, a red RUBIINI, a white TIMANTTI and a grayish-black MUSTA TIMANTTI.


A limited edition of each colour is now available in my web shop – they make a fantastic gift to a beloved one!



  • Alpaca, merinowool, silk


  • 125 x 170 cm