Wel(l),come, 2019. Ø 80 cm, height 250 cm

Wel(l,)come, 2019. Ø 80 cm x 250 cm.

The form of the art textile is a reinterpretation of a recurring pattern found in Welsh wool tapestry blankets. The use of colours, patterns and the double-sided structure itself inspired to create a three-dimensional, space creating textile. It is possible to walk into the installation textile, to isolate oneself from the world, to ’wrap’ the textile around oneself, as you can do with a blanket on a sofa.


The openness of the structure and the fine mohair yarns attract the viewer to enter the work of art and let light and shadow play with the structure. When installing the artwork, it is possible to create it a bit differently each time by adjusting and sliding the four panels through one another.


Wel(l,)come will be exhibited for the first time in the Wool Works joint exhibition in Cardiff, Wales, on September 28 – November 10. More information on the exhibition on Now! page or see the work on a virtual tour in the Tampere Wool Works exhibition.


Wel(l),come, 2019. Ø 80 cm, height 250 cm.

Material: wool, silk, mohair, aluminium