Kädet Kertovat art textile & multidisciplinary artwork, 2020-2021.

Kädet kertovat art textile. Size variable.

Kädet Kertovat is a work of art consisting of an art textile, contemporary dance, media and sound art. The multidisciplinary artwork brings together four artists: Niina Hiltunen (textile artist), Mia Malviniemi (choreographer, dancer), Teemu Kyytinen (videoartist) and Sami Silén (sound artist). Ailish Maher works as the dancer of the artwork.

Kädet Kertovat (Talking Hands) installation:

Art textile: Niina Hiltunen, display size variable / woven size 940 x 20 cm, handwoven. Material: The Buddenbrooks novel, japanese paper yarn, wool.
Short film / Video textile: Filming & editing Teemu Kyytinen, sound: Sami Silén, duration 4’51 mins.
Choreography: Mia Malviniemi, sound: Sami Silén, duration 20 mins.

With our hands we touch, feel, build and care. The artwork consists of four different and independent works of art, but they all form a seamless entity which portray transience as physical space.

Hiltunen’s handwoven art textile reaches out to the disappearing deep understanding between people and peoples through her textile sculpture made of The Buddenbrooks novel. Through her work she visualises how the lack of understanding can lead us to dead ends or misunderstandings or difficulties to truly understand one another.

Malviniemi ponders hands as a means of communication, how they reveal us and our ideas, but also how meaningful hands are to us due to their ability to give us information simply by touching things. Hands are relevant in touching, but also in building connections and caring. In her work hands play the main role and the choreography has been formed by using different memories our bodies carry.

Teemu Kyytinen’s short film concretises the embodied experience of a weaver or any hand crafter by showing the repeating movements of weavers arms and hands, legs and feet with the swinging movements of the floor loom, which create a meditative atmosphere accompanied by the sounds created by Sami Silén. The sounds in the film and accompaning the dance performance are based on the sounds of the loom, the woven material and weaving.

The artists’ work has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Kangasala.