Kontukoti dementia nursing home, 2021. Community art.

These colours give me strenght! Community art workshop, Kontukoti dementia nursing home, Tampere, 2021.

Colours, materials, memories and emotions are in the heart of this workshop, which uses weaving with textile and community art methods. Every participant living in the dementia nursing home and participating in the workshop was allowed to choose the colours and materials themselves. The mere touching and feeling different materials together with the visual input creates pleasure on many levels.

Important for these elderly people is also the remembering and reminiscing of the past, which is done by the equipment, the materials and the physical movements of weaving. They recall how mother or grandmother wove on the loom at home and some remember having even spooled yarn for them. The sounds of weaving come alive again: how the wooden parts of the loom rattled and what kind of sounds the shuttle made in the shed.