Niina Hiltunen.

Textile designer. Artist. Weaver.

Niina Hiltunen’s art weave has a modern touch even though it has its roots deep in Finnish weaving tradition. In addition to colour and surface, her art weave has an essentially different and modern, three-dimensional form providing a visual and unique experience, as light and shadow play on its surface.

Hiltunen’s preference is wool as the main material, for it has a very good sound absorbing effect and it also has fireproof qualities. She does use other fibers, too, such as silk, linen or even metal fibers, to give the surface vividness and depth in colour.

Niina Hiltunen also designs and weaves on commission, both for private houses and public spaces. On such an occasion the work of art is designed to form an estonishing experience with the architecture of the space. In the event that a greater degree of sound absorption effect is needed in a space, it is possible to combine acoustic boards with the art work.

Hiltunen is educated by the renowned Wetterhoff weaving education in Finland. High standards both in designing and in the final product are the most essential for her.

Artist statement.

My work involves “painting with yarn” visions and impressions of reality and my imagination to produce textile sculptures and art textiles.

I weave on a traditional countermarch loom and also occasionally use other methods, such as knitting or crocheting. I find modern and abstract expressionism intriguing; I’m fond of its free spirit, the energy that flows in it. The search for the right colours and tones and how they interact with each other is a never-ending puzzle and a source of inspiration. Both nature and man-made constructions provide inspiration too; the moments when you see something odd or interesting and your mind stops to see things differently, are important to me.

Three-dimensional form is a feature that often occurs in my work. I find it both challenging and interesting to make experiments on sculptural textile material because of the uncertainty involved; the result is always somewhat surprising and unique. My art reveals its true nature and its fine and delicate, almost fragile, details only when looked at very closely.

I have always been interested in foreign languages and cultures, and music has been my companion throughout my life. I’m living a life with art in various forms: community art, textile art and music which are all languages of their own, means of communication and interaction. My dream is to combine textile art with other forms of art to create holistic, memorable experiences.


10+1: Katoavaisuus, Varikko Galleria, Seinäjoki, November 6th – 29th, 2020


Kädet kertovat -multidisciplinary artwork, Draama-sali, Vaasa, December 5th, 3 PM. Read more and buy your tickets in advance!
LuovaKudonta™ -workshop, Draama-sali, Vaasa, December 5th,  10 AM – 2 PM. Enrollment required.



10+1: Katoavaisuus, Höyry-Galleria, Korpilahti, May 2021