Niina Hiltunen.

Textile artist. Textile designer. Weaver.

Niina Hiltunen’s art weave has a modern touch even though it has its roots deep in Finnish weaving tradition. In addition to colour and surface, her art weave has an essentially different and modern, three-dimensional and sculpturous form which renews the Finnish traditions of wall hangings, providing a visual and unique experience, as light and shadow play on its surface.

Hiltunen’s preference is wool as the main material, for it has a very good sound absorbing effect and it also has fireproof qualities. She does use other fibers, too, such as silk, linen or even metal fibers, to give the surface vividness and depth in colour.

Niina Hiltunen also designs and weaves on commission, both for private houses and public spaces. On such an occasion the work of art is designed to form an estonishing experience with the architecture of the space. In the event that a greater degree of sound absorption effect is needed in a space, it is possible to combine acoustic boards with the art work. High standards both in designing and in the final product are the most essential for her.

Artist statement.

I create abstract, three-dimensional woven art from yarns and textile materials by weaving them on a traditional countermarch loom, slowly, weft by weft.

The three-dimensionality of my work starts with yarn. When multiplied and combined, the yarns form an abundance of colour and texture, and finally the woven fabric and piece of art, which gains its final shape and form only when off-loom. Despite the sculpturous form, my art reveals its true nature and its fine and delicate, almost fragile, details only when looked at very closely.

Colour is my deepest interest and inspiration. By combining tones and materials I compose my texture, my colour symphony and my route in this world. It is my way of interpreting this world and its phenomena. Colours are my state of mind, my inspiration and my way of communication, my language. It is with colour that I create visions and impressions, my interpretations and thoughts of cultures, people, humanity. By the ancient method, weaving, I’m yet kept deeply rooted in the continuum: The language of weaving is universal.



Kädet kertovat performance, Seinäjoen taidehalli, Apr 6, 2022.

10+1: Jatkuvuus. Patina, Jyväskylä. Apr 8. – May 4, 2022.

Open studios at Pirkanmaan taidesuunnistus, Apr 23 and 24, 2022.

10+1: Jatkuvuus. Paperihuone, Hämeenlinna, June 3. – July 2, 2022.


Solo exhibition, Galleria G12, Helsinki. 2023