Todellisuuksia – solo exhibition 7.-26.1.2023, Galleria G12, Helsinki

Todellisuuksia – Textile artworks
January 7–26, 2023
Galleria G12, Annankatu 16, Helsinki

Shaken, splittered, fragmented. The communication abrupt. Thoughts spinning wildly like widened broadband, searching for connection. Screeching sound escaping all touch. An untuned thought is searching for the right melody.

In Todellisuuksia (Realities) solo exhibition Niina Hiltunen goes beneath our seen realities and portrays fragmented mind through her textile and fiber art. She uses metallic and shiny strings of violoncello and double bass together with more traditional and soft textile material and textile techniques.

Hiltunen´s three-dimensional, abstract textile art gives form to inner thoughts and happenings. The themes of her works are the boundaries of logic and irrationality and the relationship between chaos and organized. What is reality and whose is it? Is our reality shared and common? Can you see into another person´s reality?

All the artworks in this exhibition are new and made in 2022 specifically for this exhibition.


The artist would like to thank for the support:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland
The musicians of Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra