Exhibition: Pirkanmaa muotoilee VIII – Vapaus | Freedom

Niina Hiltunen´s work Grace & Joy is on view at Finlayson Area, Terde in April 2023 as a part of the Modus Association´s Vapaus (Freedom) exhibition. Vapaus is already the eighth part of the series of exhibitions, which started in 2005.  This exhibition shows the vast spectrum of designers, makers and artists from Pirkanmaa region.

There was an open call for all members of Modus Association in the autumn 2022. Members were encouraged to interpret the theme of the exhibition freely, embracing materials and ways of working. The size and the materials of the works were not limited at all.

The exhibition selection jury included textile artist Aino Kajaniemi, the senior curator of The Craft Museum of Finland Mikko Oikari and visual artist Tiina Pyykkinen. They chose works which suited the theme of the exhibition the best. The selected works show deep and manyfold ideas of freedom form many points of view. The exhibition will also be on view in Helsinki, at Craft Corner Gallery in July 2023.

The designers, makers and artists in the exhibition are: Niina Hiltunen, Giovanna Incerti, Anu Kirkinen, Elina Korri, Jutta Luhtinen. Silja Merikallio, Kirke Muhonen, Sirpa Mörsky, Merianne Nebo, Laura Saarivuori-Eskola, Aila Salminen, Pirjo Talvio-Pasanen, Venla Varjus, Marika Viskari and Jana Vyborna-Turunen.

The exhibition has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Tampere.