Exhibition: Light and Shadow in Colours

Welcome to the opening of my art textiles exhibition on Monday, September 25th at 17 – 19 pm in Taidetila Terra Gallery in Kangasala.

Modern and abstract, expressive art intrigues me. I’m interested in colour and how they interact with each other. In this exhibition you’ll see handwoven art textiles and macro-photographs of my weavings in process.

The art textiles I weave have a modern touch even though they have their roots deep in Finnish weaving tradition. In addition to colour and surface, my art weave has an essentially different and modern, three-dimensional form providing a visual and unique experience, as light and shadow play on its surface. In my weaving I combine several shades and materials, which results in a work of art that provides visually interesting and versatile surface to explore.

Part of the details in my art weave is exposed in the macro-photographs I have taken during the weaving process. Some of the details are still to be seen, but some of them disappear after the art weave has been finalized.

Opening times and address:

Niina Hiltunen
Light and Shadow in Colours – Modern and 3D art textiles
Sep 25 – Oct 13 2017
Gallery Taidetila Terra, Keskusaukio 2, Kangasala
Mo-Fri 10 am – 7 pm, Sa 10 am – 3 pm
Free entry.