Online talk on the expressiveness of Kirsti Rantanen’s textile art

Hiltunen discusses in her online talk the expressiveness of Kirsti Rantanen’s (1930-2020) textile art. What is the expressiveness like, what does it consist of and how do materials, colors, surfaces and forms of the art textiles affect the expressive power of an artwork.

The online talk is held in Finnish as a Teams Live event. You’ll find the  link to the event here.

Kirsti Rantanen (1930–2020) is one of the most important Finnish textile artists. Her career portrays well the changes in the Finnish textile art form 1970’s onwards. In fact, Rantanen was one of the first to start the change in Finland. The body of her work are three-dimensional, abstract and spatial artworks, many of which are very large, even monumental and consist of several pieces.

Read more about the exhibition on the website of Craft Museum of Finland: Kirsti Rantanen – The Space of Textiles. The exhibition is open May 14 – August 28, 2022 in Jyväskylä, Finland.