Kädet kertovat – Händerna berättar – multidisciplinary artwork

Kädet kertovat is a work of art consisting of an art textile, modern dance, media art and sound art. The multidisciplinary artwork brings together four artists: Niina Hiltunen (textile artist), Mia Malviniemi (choreographer, dancer), Teemu Kyytinen (videoartist) and Sami Silén (sound artist). Ailish Maher works as the dancer of the artwork.

Niina Hiltunen Kädet kertovat tekstiiliveistos 2020

The artwork consists of four different and independent works of art, but they all form a seamless entity which presents different kinds of momentary states of mind and spaces.

Hiltunen’s handwoven art textile reaches out to the disappearing deep understanding between people and peoples through her textile sculpture made of The Buddenbrooks novel. Throuhg her work she visualises how the lack of understanding can lead us to dead ends, misunderstandings or difficulties to truly understand one another.

Malviniemi ponders hands as a means of communication, how they reveal us and our ideas, but also how meaningful hands are to us due to their ability to give us information simply by touching things. Hands are relevant in touching, but also in building connections and caring. In her work hands play the main role and the choreography has been formed by using different memories our bodies carry.

Teemu Kyytinen’s short film concretises the embodied experience of  a weaver or any hand crafter by showing the repeating movements of a weavers arms and hands, legs and feet with the swinging movements of the floor loom, which create a meditative atmosphere accompanied by the sounds created by Sami Silén. All the sounds in the film and accompaning the dance performance are based on the sounds of the loom and weaving.

The premiere was on September 5, 2020 in the opening of the 10+1 art collective exhibition called Katoavaisuus.


Kädet kertovat: Sat December 5, 3 PM, Vaasa city library, Draama hall.
Afterwards: Meet the artists + Discussion
Entrance: 20 € / 15 €
Book your tickets: Tel. 045- 1364372 OR email:
Note! Max. 50 participants!

Safety first due to Covid-19:
– Wash your hands.
– If you feel sick, stay home.
– Remember social distancing.
– Use mask!
– Hand sanitizers available.

Before the performance, there’s a possiblity to participate in a WeaveCreatively™/LuovaKudonta™ workshop by Niina Hiltunen 


WeaveCreatively™ / LuovaKudonta™ workshop 

WeaveCreatively™ / LuovaKudonta™ is a unique method to express yourself freely. It is developed by artist Niina Hiltunen and it combines art and crafts with Finnish and Japanese culture. You don’t have to know anything about art, crafts or let alone weaving – Come with an open mind, everything else is supplied!

WeaveCreatively™ / LuovaKudonta™ suits for both beginners and advanced weavers regardless of age or physical restrictions. The only thing you need is an open mind and some eagerness to play with yarn, fiber and different kinds of material and structure. EVERYBODY can weave!

During the workshop you’ll learn how to warp and weave on a rigid heddle loom with luscious and colourful yarn. You’ll have time to weave a small fabric for your other artsy or crafty projects, or a small wall hanging, if you wish. We use Ashfords folding Knitters Looms, which are easy and lightweight to use, but suit for more advanced weaving as well. During the workshop the looms and all the material are supplied.

More information:  www.luovakudonta.fi

Time: December 5, 2020, at 10:15 AM – 2:15 PM, Vaasa city library
Place: Vaasa city library
Price: 36 €
Enrollment: https://www.opistopalvelut.fi/vaasa/course.php?l=fi&t=15201










Read more about the artists and the artwork in Vasabladet Dec 1st 2020! The article is in Swedish.